Jumping on a trampoline is the absolute epitome of a good time - for adults and kiddos alike. 


However, trampolines can also be a recipe for total disaster, with countless accidents occurring every year asa result of playing on them. 


Have no fear though, as we have highlighted a number of brilliant tips that will keep your kiddos safe on trampolines all summer. 


Let them jump and bounce away! 


Safety perimeter 


Don't install a trampoline near trees, poles or fences, or anything that a child could potentially hit off, in case they fall off.


Try and ensure a specific safety perimeter of at least three metres around the trampoline, so that if a little one does fall off, they don't bash into anything. 



Check the springs


The trampoline springs together with the mat combine to create the proper tension to enable your kids to bounce when they jump.


For your kids to bounce high, the spring ought to be tight enough, but hanging springs may lead to unnecessary injuries in case of an accident.


It is so important to check if all the springs are properly fixed in their position. Springs should be intact and securely attached at both ends.


Use pads 


Your children may land on the steel frame of the trampoline, on the springs or even hooks if they are left uncovered.


You should use an adequate safety pad on the trampoline, which should be in good condition and appropriately placed. So, when purchasing a trampoline, only choose models with safety pads to cover the springs, hooks and frames.



Remove jewels 


Children sometimes forget to remove their jewellery before using the trampoline.


Jewellery may injure them when they land, or if the fall of the trampolines. To avoid such injuries, they should remove all their bling and anything that is in their pockets before jumping. 




Children are always more exited to use the trampoline all the time. Unfortunately, they may land wrong when they lose control while jumping. To prevent this, try to discourage the from jumping too high, or doing flips and somersaults. 


If they insist on doing tricks and jumps, we suggest that you enroll your kids to a local trampolining class to learn new trampolining skills. 





Wet trampolines are slippery and let's face it, with the amount of rain we get here, this is something we need to be wary of. 


Slippery mats may result in bad landings and unnecessary injuries. To avoid this, always make sure that the jumping mat is totally dry before your kiddos use it.


What lies beneath 


Children may sometimes places objects underneath the trampoline when you're not looking, which may cause accidents.


Be sure you check under the trampoline to make sure that there is nothing that may pose potential dangers while the kids are jumping.


Also check to make sure that there is no child hiding beneath the trampoline - you'd be surprised.





It is important to note that most trampoline injuries occur when there is more than one person jumping.


Although kiddos will have WAY more fun if they're jumping with a bunch of their pals, it is best to monitor how many people are on the trampoline - this will avoid accidents. 


You should also be aware of the different age groups jumping at the same time. If a 12-year-old is jumping with a 4-year-old, it may end in disater. Try to keep certain age groups together.