While you might welcome the lack of dirty nappies for a bit, constipation can be sore and uncomfortable for your baby. It usually occurs when your little one is starting on solids; they will have painful bowel movements and may cry when they are trying to pass something.


To help give them relief, there are a few things you can do:


Give them lots of water

Give your infant lots of water to keep their stool soft, making it easier to pass. If water is not working, try a little bit of apple juice.


Get them moving

Make sure your little one is getting lots of exercise to help things move along. Pop them down on the floor for a little while and let them move around. If they are not yet crawling, you will need to move their little legs gently in a walking movement.


Give them lots of fruit and vegetables  

Make sure your little one is getting lots of fruit and vegetables. Apricots are a great food to help move things along so purée some for your little one or give them a few in their hands. A few spoonfuls of apple sauce or puréed prunes, which are high in fibre and sorbitol, will also help to give your little one some relief.  Plums and pears are good choices as are broccoli, beans and sprouts.


Lots of fibre-rich foods

Make sure your little one gets lots of fibre-rich foods to help keep them regular. Items like fortified cereals, whole wheat pasta and brown rice are full of fibre which is needed to help keep their stools soft. 


Cut out certain foods

Foods like pasta, cheese, and white bread can be the culprit for your little one's constipation. And while you don’t need to cut them out completely, you should limit their use in your little one’s diet until they are  back on track. 


Go to the doctor 

You should take your little one to the doctor if nothing is giving them relief.