Do you feel your approach to parenting needs some adjusting?

While there is little doubt that us parents are doing our very best when it comes to raising, supporting and caring for our brood, very few of us have complete confidence in our parenting skills.
If you feel you could benefit from a change of pace or are interested in returning to certain traditional methods of parenting, then we may have just the thing for you.
Focussing on the importance of ‘cop on’, child and adolescent psychotherapist Colman Noctor aims to highlight the importance of allowing your children to identify consequences and negotiate adversity in his new book, Cop On.
Cop On acknowledges the importance of allowing children to develop their own sense of self and understand the world around them in a very traditional way which can, in turn, be key to establishing a sound family life.
If you feel you and your children could benefit from this approach to family life, then why not check out what Colman Noctor has to say about Cop On.
It may signal a new dawn in the relationship you share with your children!

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