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What features are important in a baby bouncer?

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A baby bouncer is a relatively inexpensive device and can save a parent a lot of worry and hassle. It is much easier to carry out basic chores around the house with your child secure in a baby bouncer than worrying about them getting under your feet or into danger constantly. Baby bouncers allow your child to recline safely and the springs respond to their kicking motions. The gentle bouncing soothes and calms babies and their interaction with the spring power develops their muscles for crawling.

When buying a baby bouncer, check what weight it is designed to carry. Some models have multiple reclining positions available. These are handy for adjusting the position according to your baby's activity needs. An adjustable, secure belt or harness is vital to your child's safety. It must be stop the child from falling out or getting injured during energetic bouncing sessions.

Fancier models have built-in sun shades, toy racks and motorised rockers. Some parents find that their children respond well to the constant vibration of the motors, making the extra expense worth it.
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