Isn't it a blessing?


Those months of excitement leading up to that beautiful bundle of joy curled up in your arms, and you most definitely have won the lottery of life!


But then the visitors come and go, and you realise not every day will be as joyous and as ecstatic as this day.


So what happens when all of a sudden, the excitement and thrill is gone and you find yourself screaming from the inside to seek a little understanding from those who haven't experienced this part of life yet? Or even, people who just seem to breeze through this life brushing off their woes on the way. Hard to get your head around, right?


So, what would us parents just love to say to the world around us? 



1. This is my actual face today. The cloud you can't see above my head has made it that way. For today, anyway..


2. Yes, having a child was my choice, and she was the best choice. Also, she comes before everyone.


3. People go long periods of time without contact, that's life. 


4. Ignorance is hurtful, and anxiety really doesn't like it either.


5. I don't have a day to myself. And if I do it's to get milk or bread. My day normally consists of tantrums, nappies, and the fearless antics of a 1-year-old while failing miserably at trying to keep my home together.


6. Public transport and toddlers don't always mix and if they do, it's been a lucky day.


7. I rarely shower, pee or dress myself without an audience. 


8. This parenthood thing is 24/7. And when the child is sick, think about that twice over. 


9. I am ambitious just like everyone else, it's just this period of my life is called "being here for my baby."


10. It's OK not to be OK, so don't think to judge when you see someone struggle. Believe me, we are our own worst critics.



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Rachael enjoys personal blogging about her new journey as a mother and all things random in between.
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