So amongst the sickness that has taunted us for the past week or so, and reflecting on what a few people have said to me in the past, it really got me thinking.


What does it mean to be a stay at home parent?


Only the other day, I was given these words of wisdom by someone close, and they struck a cord.


"No matter what, the most important thing you will ever do is rear your children. You are bringing up a citizen."


And you know what? They were exactly right. And it's not the first time I've heard similar thoughts. From the grapevine, I have heard what people have said about those who choose to stay at home with their children, be it a necessity or a want. 


1. "So, what do you do all day?"


Well, that's an easy one. We get up at the crack of dawn, we feed, we bathe, we console, we clean, we tidy, all in one big repetitive circle. And that list goes on!  Oh...and we have a habit of drinking cold cups of beverages which were once hot. 


2. "It must be so boring being stuck at home with a baby..."


Lonely? Yes. Boring? Never! When you are balancing yourself in multiple ways all day every day it cannot possibly get boring. There just isn't time! The real point I'm getting at here is that children are brought into this world to be cared for. And boy are they a lot of work! But I had my little girl knowing it wasn't going to be plain sailing. And I did choose to be at home with her.  There are some seriously trying days, some ok days, but mostly some brilliantly happy days. Because I get to watch her flourish and grow. 


I get to cuddle her when she's hurting, sick, or just wants her Mama. I get to see the new milestones she hits daily, weekly, monthly. I get to be the one that's here while her Dad is comfortable enough to go to work knowing she's with me, and she's safe. Children deserve sacrifices. Those sacrifices come in different forms, as every family does what works for them.


But please, don't look down on us parents who are at home, 24/7, sacrificing our time, and our current lives. 


Don't feel sorry for us either. Rearing your children IS the most important thing you will ever do, without a doubt, but it's also the most blessed you will ever be, to be privileged to have someone to raise as your own.



What do you think, ladies? What are your experiences? 

Rachael enjoys personal blogging about her new journey as a mother and all things random in between.
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