As a new mum, that first rush of joy is quickly followed up by a rush of panic.
When your little one finally arrives, it’s hard to know what's worth worrying about and what's not, and many of us err on the side of worrying about it all!
Finding that balance of doing what’s right for baby, but not worrying about every little thing, can be really tricky.
Here are a few things you should stop fretting about – so you can start enjoying your baby more and worrying less about what you'd score on the ‘good mum’ exam.
Babies cry – this is what they do! They cry for lots of reasons: hunger, sleep, boredom – it’s how your little one communicates with you - so try not to worry. Crying will not hurt your baby and it certainly does not mean you’re doing anything wrong.
Bonding with baby
Even if you've dreamed about meeting your baby for nine months, after hours of labour you might just look at your newborn and feel more tired than in love. That's totally normal. Some mums do connect and bond right away, but there is nothing to worry about if that's not the case for you. Getting to know your baby through feedings and cuddles will all help with this process. Bonding is a growing process - it doesn't happen immediately - and it deepens over time.
Hitting milestones
If you have friends or family members with babies around the same age as yours, it can be easy to worry that your little one isn't progressing at the same pace as his or her peers. Try not to compare your little on to all the other babies – they develop at different rates. Although there is a sequence of developmental milestones and an approximate age at which babies master new skills, rely more on your regular appointments with your paediatrician and on your own maternal instincts.
Listening to others
It seems as though everyone wants to add in her two cents about how to take care of your baby. Although you might actually hear some good advice, some of it might have you doubting your abilities as a mum. Don't worry about what everyone else thinks about your parenting style, but instead have a bit of faith in your own skills and instincts. You're great and you'll get there!
Losing the baby weight
Celebrities seem to lose those pregnancy pounds seconds after giving birth, so many new mums feel pressured to shed the weight. It’s completely unrealistic, as well as unhealthy, to think they can get back to pre-pregnancy shapes overnight. Besides, all those celebrities have personal trainers and nutritionists on hand to whip them into shape!  Focus on your beautiful new baby and not your stomach and thighs! That doesn't mean you shouldn't take time out for yourself, though. Eat healthy, sleep when you can and enjoy some gentle exercise, like walking, which you can do with baby in tow.