When baby starts crawling it is definitely a mix of emotions for you. You have waited months for the moment they could move on their own and as soon as they do you wish they had never started!


Now that they are on the move, you will need to be quick off the ball because where ever you leave them, they won't be there when you go back. 


Here are six things that happen as soon as your little one starts crawling:


Your home will become like fort knocks

Your baby will be able to go anywhere they want now that they are mobile. And believe us, they will want to go everywhere: under the stairs, behind the TV or in the fridge. Everything will need a lock on it. Everything!


You will have to open two gates just to use the upstairs toilet

No more leaving going to the toilet to the last minute. You’ll have two stair gates to open just to get to the toilet. And that’s if you’re lucky.


You will grow eyes on the back of your head

And even those two extra ones will never be enough. Your little one will have the ability to get out of any place that you put them in that even Houdini would be jealous of their skill.


Everything will become dangerous

Because, well let’s face it, it is. The stairs, the front door, the back door, the kitchen, the living room and even the playroom - everything is a danger trap!


Your baby will bump their head off nearly everything. Literally.

They can't quite manage the art of going around objects, well for a while at least, that you will consider investing in a soft padded baby helmet. Yes, they do exist.


Your nice ornaments are put out of reach and sight

Say goodbye to your nice ornaments for a least ten years! Now that your little one is moving, nothing is safe!