Rabbits are often the pet of choice for families because it is thought that they are pretty easy to care for. However, there is a lot more to being the owner of a rabbit than simply feeding it carrots and putting it in a hutch.


If you are planning on getting a bunny or have recently got one, you might not have known about the following things:


They need to be stimulated

Rabbits need plenty of stimulation to stop them getting bored so give them some toys to keep them happy when they are in their hutch.


They can live for a long time

Incorrectly many people believe that rabbits only live for a short period of time but they can, in fact, live for ten or even more years.


Their nails need to be trimmed regularly

Rabbit nails are constantly growing and may need to be trimmed every now and again if they get too long.


They need to file their teeth

Just like their nails, their teeth are continuously growing so need wood that they can chew on to file them down.


They can get hurt if they are startled

Rabbits can get hurt easily or even fatally if they are startled so avoid sneaking up behind them.


They eat their own droppings

Yes, rabbits eat their own droppings before digesting them for a second time.


They can be house trained

If you want your rabbit to live indoors you can train them to use a litterbox.