What you should know about vitamins for children

It’s a tricky business this parenthood thing, navigating through everything from breastfeeding to toilet training, not to mention actually giving birth. But of course, we wouldn't change it for the world!

On that long list of things we need to figure out is figuring out vitamins for our children. It can be quite daunting - especially as you only want to give your children the best.


There are so many choices and so much information without adding in the complication of deciphering multivitamins for kids.


Here are a few things to check when choosing a children’s multivitamin:

Why does my child need vitamins?

Your little ones are growing and developing at a super fast rate, meaning that they require more nutrition for their weight than us adults do. Nutrients such as omega 3 DHA fats are required to support brain and visual development, and also contribute to normal visual development of little ones up to 12 months.


Additionally, their little immune systems are not fully matured and often need extra support. And Vitamin C is brilliant for boosting their immunity. For this you’ll need to look at citrus fruits along with broccoli, peppers or blackcurrants.

Vitamin A, found in eggs, fortified milk and cereals and leafy green vegetables, is needed to protect the skin. Vitamin D (aka the sunshine vitamin) is needed for the normal growth of bones, as well as the immune system. With limited sunshine, most people living in Ireland tend not to have sufficient vitamin D. Vitamin E, found in plant based oils, nuts, seeds and veg, helps to protect against oxidative stress in the body.

Nutrients are super important for child's health, and for the most part, diet should suffice, but the reality is that it is not really enough, so you may want to consider a multivitamin.


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Baby multi-vitamins


If you are feeding your baby with formula, the necessary vitamins will have been added. If your baby is breastfed, there are vitamins from the mother’s diet passing through. However, this is usually just the minimum amount to keep them well.


Children who have special requirements may need even more support. When the weaning process begins your child's consumption of milk decreases (naturally) and they can often be fussy eaters, not eating the variety of foods that we would like them to. It’s these times when a multivitamin might be needed.


Toddler multivitamins


Toddlers can be particularly fussy with food, making it challenging to introduce all of the green vegetables and other goodies that are needed for good health. Although children’s diets should be carefully planned and balanced (easier said than done), topping up with a children’s multivitamin can help them to meet their requirements and keep that pep in their step.


Children’s multi-vitamins


A person's diet should contain five portions of vegetables and fruit per day, and this is especially important for kiddos. Little ones should also be eating fish twice a week in to get omega-3 fatty acids. Good eating habits start with weaning and will support your child’s health. Giving your little one a multi-vitamin each day is a good habit to get into and helps support healthy development.


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