When is a toddler too old for a buggy?

As I turned to leave our public health nurse check a couple of months back, a snide little remark came.

"God, you're doing well still pushing her around in that..."

This being referenced towards my then 2.5 year old, standing alongside her buggy. It kind of took me back. I felt like I had to explain myself, saying that we aren't car owners and I wouldn't expect my two-year-old to walk the long distances that I often do. 

After I explained, it seemed like the nurse was almost regretting her statement, but it still bothered me. 

I began thinking about what if people were looking at my little girl thinking the same as her. That she was just being lazy, and that I was still "babying" her - but that is far from the truth.

My little girl loves being able to walk along with her mammy and daddy. She loves running hell for leather around the playground, sprinting across the green of our local park.

But her little legs get tired, and, of course, being in the buggy, it's a safe spot when out and about. It's as simple as that. If buggies weren't meant for two-year-olds, how come buggies are made for up to three and four years of age?

Is there some unwritten rule in this big, non existent "book of parenting" that I'm missing? It's just more nonsense if you ask me. Just something else to be judged on. 

It used to baffle me why so many public health nurses weren't liked, because we were genuinely blessed with ours. But then we were presented with this new person who we didn't know from Adam, and then I knew.

Don't get me wrong, she was pleasant, but with the judgemental vibe that was just too much. Even when you're doing what they would call a good job of this parenting lark, something has to be wrong somewhere.

Nobody is perfect, and nobody's parenting is perfect, but you can sure as hell shut the nonsense out and carry on as you are. And coincidentally, I'm currently new stroller hunting - imagine that?! 

Rachael enjoys personal blogging about her new journey as a mother and all things random in between.
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