It is common for babies to bang their head, especially when they are starting to crawl, but that doesn’t make them any less frightening for mums.
If your little one has taken a tumble and bumped their face or forehead off the ground, you should do the following:
Calm down
You will obviously have gotten a bit of a fright so try take deep breathes to calm yourself down before going to your child. Rushing towards them in a state of panic will just cause them to become more hysterical and upset.
Comfort them
They are likely to be crying, so pick them up and give them a comforting cuddle. Lots of kisses and soft tones will help them to calm down.
Check for injuries
Have a look at their face and head and check for any bumps or bruises. Look behind their ears and under their hair, especially if it is dark and thick which can make it harder to notice any bruising.
Use a cold compress
Place a cold compress on the area that they have hurt. This will help to reduce both pain and swelling. Never put an ice pack directly onto their skin as it can burn, so wrap it up in a towel.
Determine if they are concussed 
After a nasty fall or bang on the head, a baby can experience concussion which is basically caused by the brain having been shaken inside the skull. Check for signs of drowsiness, dizziness, irritability, vomiting, unusual breathing, paleness, or struggling to stay awake. If your baby experiences any of these you will need to go to A&E immediately or call for an ambulance.
Keep a close eye for 24 hours
It is important you keep a close eye on your baby for 24hours. While it is ok for them to sleep, check on them regularly and wake them up after a short period of time. Look out for unusual behaviour or signs of confusion.
Go with your gut
If you feel the bump was severe enough to warrant a trip to the GP or doctor, then go. There is no point worrying needlessly if a professional can put your mind at ease.