As I looked down at my milk-stained t-shirt with toys strewn around my feet, I could not help but compare myself to the glossy-haired, perky mom of twins I had stumbled across on Instagram!


She was so put together and in my fragile post-baby haze, I felt like I was a failure. I mean, how could I not pull it together enough to clean my house, dress myself in non-sick stained clothes, put on makeup, blow dry my hair and dress two under 2 in matching outfits AND go for coffee all before 10 am!


You can see how easy it is to fall down the social media rabbit hole! I have since learnt that it is all smoke and mirrors, images like the one that nearly pushed me over the edge are staged, I mean how could they grow their followers if shock/horror, they showed the real side of life!


So many people long for the ” perfect ” lives of people they know on Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat and spend their time wondering how they do it all! People compare their families, jobs, homes and social life with strangers, this has a huge impact on peoples mental health.


I think the main thing we all need to realise is that no one and I mean no one has a perfect life. You can guarantee that many of the people you follow have taken pictures of the one clean corner of their homes or that perfect family picture of the kids happily playing was the 300th picture they took.  Please do not waste time comparing your life to others that you see online, I can guarantee that there will be people out there who long for our perfectly imperfect lives

I am a thirty something mom of 2 under 4. Taking life one day at a time.

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