We all love to dress up our little ones, but beware – some accessories can come with risks, as one mum found out during what must have been the most frightening few minutes of her life.
Rebecca Moore had bought a headband with a big flower on top for her seven-month-old daughter Lailah, and she looked adorable. However, when Rebecca was queuing for the bank with Lailah in her pram, she realised her baby had pulled the headband down over her face, pulled off one of the petals and was now choking on it.
Lailah was vomiting and gasping for air, but thankfully Rebecca managed to dislodge the petal from her throat. An ambulance was called and once paramedics had looked over Lailah everything was fine.
Rebecca warned other mums of the dangers of these headbands on Facebook with the following message and photo of Lailah wearing the headband:
When Best&Less, the shop she bought it from, heard what had happened they voluntarily removed the headband from their shelves. They’ve also reviewed their quality-testing standards, including labels and age-applicable recommendations.
Thankfully this case didn’t result in tragedy. If your baby ever chokes on anything, here are the guidelines on the best thing to do:
  • If you baby is still able to breath, cough or cry, don’t pat them on the back as this could move the object to a more dangerous position. Instead, ask them to keep coughing to try to get it out, and if they’re not breathing properly within a few minutes, call an ambulance.
  • If they’re not breathing, put them over your forearm or lap, use one had to hold their mouth open and the other to deliver five sharp blows between their shoulder blades. This should dislodge the object but if it doesn’t, call an ambulance immediately.