So there I was, happy out, with my lovely blue child and my lovely pink child.


'A gentleman's family' people would say - one of each. 


What more could I possibly want? But I couldn't shake that niggle. I wanted more. I had a tiny baby shaped gap in my heart that I wanted to fill.


I decided to go right ahead and sign up baby number 3. 


Do I look like a sleep deprived mombie most of the time? Yes, of course, I do. 


Did we have to adjust our surroundings to make room for another mini-human? Yes, we did.


But I can say in all honesty that the *12 minutes a week of pure family bliss when all three have their heads together laughing and helping each other, make the other billion seconds of chaos totally worth it. 


The way I see it, it's like getting a mummy promotion. More responsibility but more reward.  You have to put up with a lot of extra flack but you feel a fantastic sense of achievement when you (rarely) get it right.


I understand many peoples desire to have one child or two children and I'm sure whatever I decided I would have been happy with my lot. However, as a mum of three (under six) I get asked ALL THE TIME what life is like with three from those who are considering growing more humans. 


It's obvious that it's going to be more difficult to juggle the needs of THREE children but I'd like to point out the POSITIVES



1. Sisterly love

I have a fantastic relationship with my sisters, and as I already had a boy and a girl, I thought it would be so lovely for one of them to have a brother or sister. As it turned out I had a sister child. Now seeing those two little pretty flowers playing dolls or fairies my heart melts a little. Every Time. The bonus is that I get to dress them in matching dresses and do their hair. We never really grow out of dolls ourselves do we?


2. Extra Helpers

Two barely get the ironing done. Now I've upgraded to three children the house can be spic and span in no time. Their tiny fingers are perfect for scrubbing skirting boards. Joking, not joking.


3. Mob Mentality

Couples worry about being outnumbered by the children. Embrace the mob I say and pivot. The children back me up during vital issues when I'm trying to persuade their father. We bully him about going to Nandos over Milanos, getting penne instead of fussili and other hugely important issues like watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during the Formula 1.


4. You get to upgrade your car

Seriously. How does anyone see this as a bad thing? It's necessary. And you don't even need to upgrade your house, it's not like they actually sit at the kitchen table or sleep in their own beds. 


5. They keep each other entertained

As I had my first two children very close together, I never really saw this gem firsthand myself. But when I had number 3 and since, they are FASCINATED with each other. Yes, they are also mini Muoi Thai fighters, but that's still ENTERTAINING to everyone. 


I do have to say that the third child really does just fit it. You don't have the same high expectations (or time) that you had on your first or second and it doesn't seem to matter. They have extra people to love them and the bonds I see being created are so worth it to me. Its another funny little personality to colour our lives.


Yes, it involves more cooking, more expense, more shoes, more hassle. But please don't forget that it's also another first day of school, another good-night kiss, another little opinion to add to the shape of your family. It's another type of giggle, another version of you and your partner, another set of chubby arms to throw around your neck. 


And when you know it's your last, those little extras make it all the more precious.  


Do whats right for your own family, mama. But for me, it has brought us triple the joy.


*This is a lie, it's actually 9 minutes.