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Your Newborn Month 3

Three months old already! This month your newborn will officially become an infant. His personality is really starting to show now and you will find that he constantly amazes you and makes you smile. This time will go by quickly now, so make sure that you enjoy every second of it.

Your Child’s Development

Your Child’s Development
In month three, your baby is now considered an infant. He will be awake more now during the day and you are learning what to do to make him smile and kick his legs in delight. He will have favourite toys or objects that make him smile every time he sees them. For some babies, a teddy bear does the trick, while other babies will take delight in staring a cot mobile! A baby-safe cot mirror is the perfect addition to your baby’s cot and while he discovers his own reflection, he will also be developing his cognitive skills; he will love to stare at that handsome little guy in the mirror! 
During month three, you will notice that your baby is getting much better at controlling his hands and he is also now becoming aware of his tongue. This means it won’t be long until he starts to give raspberries to everyone! His fingers used to be just a thing that he sucked on, now they are much more. They can grasp on to toys, his clothes, and even mum’s hair! He will start to reach for items and grasp at his toys. During this time in his development, a floor gym will provide hours of enjoyment. The colourful hanging objects will help your baby practice kicking and reaching for items. This kind of play not only helps further his motor skills, it also encourages his cognitive development. 
It’s very important at this time that you stimulate your baby’s intellectual growth whenever possible. Talking and singing to your baby is the best way to get his little mind working. When your baby hears your voice, he knows it is you. He loves your voice and he will listen intently. He may not understand what you are saying but he will start to remember certain sounds and words. That’s why it is important to make sure and use his name a lot now. Eventually, he will associate the sound of his name to himself in the same way that he will begin to relate certain words to objects.  
Your baby will love being outside now. Taking walks or going to the park is a great way to stimulate his interest. The sights and sounds of the outdoors are exciting to your baby. The sound of a car as it goes by, a bird singing in a tree, children playing, or a neighbourhood dog barking are all things that we take for granted. But, to your baby, these sights and sounds are all new to him, and they are a fascinating discovery.



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