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Your Newborn Month 9

As your baby enters his ninth month of life, he will become extremely curious about his environment. This is the month that your baby will also learn how to climb. Combine that with his veracious curiosity and you have a full time job on your hands! This month you will also start to see that he is exerting his independence.

Your Child’s Development

Your Child’s Development
Your baby’s large motor skills continue to develop in the ninth month of his life and he may discover climbing. Once he learns to pull himself up and manoeuvre along the furniture and the walls, climbing is a natural progression. It’s important that you survey the furnishings in your house for any item that could topple over if your baby were to climb on them. Most babies will attempt to climb out of their cot at some time or another, but they will usually not be successful until they are well into their first year. However, some babies do manage this feat earlier. If you notice that your baby is attempting to climb out of the cot, it’s time to lower the cot mattress to its lowest position. It’s also a good idea to remove the padded bumpers in the cot if you have them, so your baby will not use them to help him climb out. This will give you a little more time until you have to start using a toddler bed.
Your baby eats well now with a well varied diet. He has his preferences and knows what he does not like to eat. You may see some pretty funny facial expressions that tell you when he does not like something, and of course, he will avoid eating what he does not like. This does not mean that you should never try a food again after finding that he does not like it the first time. Many times, a baby’s tastes will change and he may love what he hated a month ago. Just wait for a while and try again. You might be surprised.
Speaking of mealtime, your baby is now starting to show his independence at the dinner table. Many parents find that this is a very difficult time to go out for a meal. Your baby may cry whenever he is placed in his highchair. The food may not be the cause of this though, he may just be frustrated because he wants to feed himself. And, although you want him to feed himself as well, you have to make sure that he gets enough to eat. It’s helpful to let your baby hold a baby spoon and try to feed himself a bit. You can still feed him while he does this and it may distract him.
If you are lucky, your baby has been sleeping through the night for some time now. Now during his ninth month of life, you may find that he has started waking up during the night again not to eat, but to play. He may cry or just entertain himself in his cot and then fall back to sleep.



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