The last thing you want when you are out and about with baby is to realise that you have forgotten something important, especially during a nappy emergency.


What we have provided is an extensive checklist, but you can put more or less in depending on your child and the length of time you will be away from home.


Changing mat

A mat is great for making public bathroom changing tables more comfortable for your baby. If you don’t have one a soft towel will do the trick just as well.



How many you need will depend on the length of time you’ll be away from home. Think one for every 40/60 minutes or so you’ll be gone for and you can’t go wrong.


Nappy bags

These are really handy if you have to change a really stinky one in a friend’s house or for storing soiled nappies until you can get to a bin.



Bringing wipes will mean you won’t have to carry around lotions and cotton wool.


Change of clothes

Babies tend to get poo right up their back so a spare vest, a clean top and trousers are essential when heading out. You’ll also need a spare set for toddlers who are being toilet trained.


Hand sanitizer

If there are no wash up facilities you can use the hand sanitizer to clean your hands after changing your baby’s nappy. It will also come in handy for toddlers when you are in the park.


Bottle/ healthy snacks

If your baby is bottle fed you will need to bring one or two for feeds; healthy snacks are handy for keeping your toddler happy.


Burping cloth/ bibs

You’ll need a few of these for burping your baby after feeds and bibs will protect your little one from any spit ups.





During the summer, you should have a bottle of sunscreen permanently fixed in your bag.



A sun hat during the summer and a wool hat during the winter will keep your little one sun safe and warm, depending on the season.



If you are going to be away from the house for a long time, pop a few toys in the bag to keep your little one happy, stimulated and entertained.