You’ve finally made it, the final leg of your pregnancy journey. While it might have felt like a long time coming, the last few weeks will fly by and before you know it you’ll be cuddling your little one in your arms.


Considering the long wait is nearly over, now is the time to get organised  – your baby is almost here.


Get the cot up

Your baby will need a place to sleep so make sure you have the cot or Moses basket made and ready for their homecoming.


Prepare the nursery

While they will probably be in your room for the first few weeks, have their nursery ready before they arrive. You are going to be exhausted for the first few months and decorating their room is going to be the last thing on your mind.


Organise childcare for other children

If you have other children, don’t leave it to the last minute to organise childcare for them. Doing it now will  mean you will have one less thing to worry about and you will be prepared if you do happen to go into early labour.


Get your hospital bag ready

Whether you are going to be staying in hospital for a day or more, you will need to pack a bag containing essentials like pyjamas or slippers and some luxury items like moisturiser or even make-up. 


Write your birth plan

Spend a little time working on your birth plan to help you prepare for labour. While you won’t necessarily stick to it completely, it will at least help get your mind focused on what will probably happen.


Talk to your midwife about pain relief

Whether you plan on using it or not, it is always wise to have at least some knowledge on what pain relief is available. This way should you desire it half way through labour you will know your options.


Choose a name

While it might seem a little obvious, you will be surprised at how many babies remain nameless for a few days or even a week after they are born.


Know labour signs to be aware of

You won’t want to be going in and out of the hospital every time you feel a twinge for fear you are going into labour, so know what signs you need to look out for.


Practice putting the car seat in and out

One of the most important things you can do now is to practice putting the car seat in and out so that it becomes an almost natural reflex.


Stock up on changing essentials

You are going to be exhausted so stock up on nappies and other changing essentials – the last thing you will want to happen is run out.