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Since its successful re-launch in 2014 Carr's Oddities has earned the love of young people of all ages and their parents. This year Oddities are getting a new modern look just in time for Back to School!
Kids love exploring the world around them and will just love these Oddities packs. Each flavour has its own theme: Salt & Vinegar – Ocean, Smoky Bacon – Animals. New funny shapes were developed specifically for each flavour, making each bite even more exciting! The playful and adventurous character of Oddities, make the snacks appealing for kids of all ages. 
More importantly, Oddities are oven baked, not fried making them the ideal lunchbox filler.
We are looking for 10 mums to trial the Carr's Oddities range. If you would like to take part in this Mums Say Trial, simply join this group, leave a comment below and let us know what age your little ones are. In the case where we are over-subscribed, we will select 10 mums at random.
If you would like early notification of new group trials, please visit this page and join the group where you will get early email notification once new groups are live.
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pam27 20/03/2012
14 posts
320 MP points
February 20, 2017
I have a 3 and a 5 yr old and am always looking for new healthy snacks esp for their lunch boxes. So I would love to take part in this trial. Thanks
Lorrsal 09/06/2016
3 posts
265 MP points
September 11, 2016
My two boys would love to trial Carr's Oddities! 5years and almost two years old.
ilean 09/09/2013
6 posts
280 MP points
September 05, 2016
I have a 7 & 8 yr old amd am always looking for new snacks for school breaks and to have handy for day trips ..would love to try these out. Thanks
jackie35 10/06/2013 New member
14 posts
420 MP points
September 05, 2016
would ove to try them as ive a 6 yr old and lunch times does be diffacult at times
trina4186 26/01/2014 New member
12 posts
315 MP points
September 04, 2016
Would love to try this, myself an 2 kids would love to try them, we re big on both flavours and would be much healthier than crisps. would be handy for lunch boxes too.
Andrea 16/08/2011 New member
13 posts
315 MP points
September 04, 2016
I would love to be considered. My own children are 9 and 16 and I also mind 3 and 4 year olds.
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