There is nothing quite as nice as a freshly painted bedroom; clean walls, bright room it's almost like snuggling up under new bedsheets! 


However, there comes a price for a newly painted room. The price of your sanity, patience and even hair. 


If you have ever had the, eh, pleasure of painting your bedroom, you are BOUND to relate to these seven things: 


1. The smell

Oh the smell. Seriously, you’ll be sleeping with the windows open for the next week.


2. Getting paint off the brushes is IMPOSSIBLE

We’re guilty of throwing out WAY too many brushes because we couldn’t get them clean.



3. Trying to find an old sheet is like looking for a needle in a haystack

“That one is WAY too good to be catching paint drips...”


4. No matter how careful you are, you are GUARANTEED to get paint on the light switch

But you’ve gone past the point of caring.


5. Choosing a colour is almost as tricky as deciding on a baby name

You ended up going for beige (a slightly different shade to what was already up) for argument's sake.



6. It always ends up in your hair

Even though you wore a hat...


7. It takes way longer to finish than you actually considered

You thought you’d be done like a week ago, but here you are still two weeks later...



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