Irish mammy myths - 3 in 4 mums admit telling their kids tall tales.

Sleeping with wet hair will give you pneumonia, carrots help you see in the dark and watching TV will give you square eyes. Those are just some of the myths we were told by our Mums and Grannies in our childhood according to One4all, Ireland’s leading Gift Card company.

The research of 2,434 adults into the tall tales we were told as kids was carried out to launch One4all Mother’s Day campaign.

Three quarters of people polled say their Mum or Granny had a funny saying or myth and almost two thirds (65%) say they believed those tall tales to be true into adulthood. Passing on the tradition to their own children, 74% tell the same little white lies to their own kids with 1 in 4 saying they do so to usually get their children to do something they don’t want to do!

Other myths we tell our children include:

  • If you pick a dandelion, you’ll wet the bed (30%)
  • If you eat the seeds of an apple it will grow in your stomach (23%)
  • Eating the crust on bread will make your hair curly (19%)

To celebrate our leading ladies, Lottie Ryan has teamed up with One4all for this year’s Mother’s Day celebrations.

Lottie Ryan - photo credit: Kieran Harnett

Commenting on the campaign, Lottie Ryan said: “I am delighted to team up with One4all to celebrate Mother’s Day this year. My mum has told me many of these myths growing up, but now since becoming a mum myself I find myself second guessing which tales are true. The one that stuck with me the most was if I swallowed chewing gum, my insides would stick together! I believed this one for longer than I would like to admit.

With restrictions lifting, I am more excited than I have been the last two years to celebrate Mother’s Day, especially as this is my first year as a “mum”! Whether it is a shopping day with my mum, going for ice cream with the kids or heading to a restaurant with the whole family; One4all Gift Cards are our go to gift for all the ladies in the family.”

A perfect Mother’s Day gift

Loadable from €15 to €150 and over 11,000 retailers and participating online partners, those looking to celebrate their mum this Mother’s Day need look no further than a One4all Gift Card. You can purchase a One4all Gift Card from or at your local Post Office, Tesco, Circle K and selected PostPoint’s nationwide. For those who won’t see their leading lady in person before Mother’s Day but would still like to send them a thoughtful gift, the One4all Digital Gift Card is a perfect solution. If you’ve got a mum who loves to dine out, the One4all Restaurant Favourites Gift Card is an ideal Mother’s Day present. Also loadable from €15 to €150, it can be spent at some of Ireland’s favourite restaurants.

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