10 characters you will DEFINITELY meet at your childs birthday party

We'd love to say that our children's' birthday parties bring nothing but joy and cheer, but we'd be lying...and we're blue in the face preaching the benefits of honesty to our kids.

No matter how much you might prepare or how long you might plan, you're bound to be confronted with at least one crisis which needs your immediate attention, and that's if you're lucky.

If your experience of birthday parties is anything like ours, then more than one of the following ten people have definitely made a guest appearance in your home.

Take a look!

1. The Sore Loser

Whether it's Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Pass the Parcel, this child will need to win and when they don't it's not because they weren't skilful or quick enough.

Oh no, it's because everyone in the room conspired against them.

2. The Picky Eater

Whether it's the sprinkles on the cupcakes or the variety of jelly sweets, this child will be unable to even look at the offending article let alone put their mouths anywhere near them.

"Yes honey, You can pick every sprinkle off if you want."

3. The Hyper Kid

From the moment they arrive to the moment they leave, they're like a tornado, destroying absolutely everything in their path.

Nothing is safe from this person, but at least they're having a great time!

4. The Tearful Kid

Everything is a little overwhelming for this poor little mite and you know they'd rather be anywhere else but at your child's big celebration.

"Come on honey, come out from under the stairs."

5. The Troublemaker

Everything is turned up a gear when this child gets involved and while they mean no real harm, you know not to turn your back for a second.

"Take off my mother-in-law's swimming togs and stop doing that impersonation of her."

6. The Goody-Two-Shoes

This little tyke will be your best friend on the big day as they dutifully help you collect discarded paper cups and crumpled napkins.

They're also open to negotiation so with  the promise of an extra cupcake, you'll soon learn who initiated the now infamous swimming togs debacle.

7. The Curious Kid

This child wants to know what's behind every door, in every drawer and under every bed.

He's also the type to fill in HIS parents on everything he unearths when snooping in your bedroom.

8. The Puker

One kid will always overdo it on the big day and decide they're more than capable of finishing a bowl of Rice Crispie buns without chewing or taking a breath.

They soon finds out that they're not.

9. The Nudist

This kid is totally at one with their body and will be more than happy to streak through the house if they think it will raise a laugh from chums.


10. The Birthday Boy/ Girl

This child will invariably be a mixture of all of the above.

The pressure of a birthday party means your child will take a ride on an emotional roller-coaster and swing from elation to despair at the drop of a party hat.

But hey, it's their birthday and they can do what they want!

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