When things get a little fast-paced or on top of us, it’s easy to simply pass comment that we are feeling stressed.


As we deal with deadlines, demands and daily activities it is understandable that it can become a little overwhelming, but it is important to spot symptoms of stress before it gets out of hand.


Here are ten signs that you’re feeling stressed and under pressure:


1. Sleeping too much or too little.


2. Neglecting your responsibilities/ feeling unmotivated.


3. Using alcohol to get you though the day or relying on it to help you sleep.



4. Feeling unhappy and lonely even though you are surrounded by people.


5. Constant racing thoughts that you can’t slow down or stop.


6. Struggling to find the positive in anything and not being able to focus.


7. Being snarky, irritable and having a short temper.



8. Rapid heartbeat and physical aches and pains.


9. Change in / loss of sex drive.


10. Frequently coming down with a cold, the flu or other illness.


If you are feeling stressed, there are plenty of things that you can do to help you feel better.