Love is love, people. And when you see your baby or small human in crisis, naturally you step in. But not everybody gets how graphic 'stepping in' just might be. 


This week Saturday's star, Rochelle Humes revealed on BBC Radio 5 Live's #Mumtakover that she once sucked snot out of her youngest daughter's nose with her mouth when she was a few months old.



Cue total Internet melt-down. 


"My little one, at the time was very young - she's eight-months-old now - but, when she was a baby baby and she had a really bad cold. I frantically googled what I could do, and I... I sucked the snot out myself and it wasn't pleasant. I shared it with a load of mums, and it was like, 'Yeah, done that before'. I received a bit of backlash, but, you know, what can you do."


What can you do? We've all been there, right? In a situation that requires the immediate disposal of bodily fluids from our spawn. No biggie.


Let's be honest, we've all done highly disgusting things that on paper sound far worse than they did in the moment. Here are a few confessions from the gang at MummyPages HQ that are completely gross but also totally relatable. This is a safe space, ladies.



1. I regularly pick my children's noses and I've fished nuggets of poo out of the bath with my bare hands. No mean feat, let me tell you.


2. I caught vomit with my hands and then, separately, stuck my hand into a vomit-filled sink to open the plughole. Scooping vomit is also a specialist skill that I seem to have acquired. 


3. Let's admit it, we've all drunk questionable backwash from our disgusting children's juice or water bottle. Mmmmm warm, food-filled saliva flavour. 


4. I've taken pictures of my child's poo and sent it to my husband. Romance is not dead! 


5. My two-year-old's face was covered in chocolate and I had no baby wipes so I licked it off her like a lioness boss. (At least, I hope it was chocolate)


6. I am a champion bum sniffer. It is the least offensive way to determine if it's a number one or two! I've also used my sock as an emergency baby wipe which was highly traumatic for everyone involved. 


7. I am gross. I pick the soother that's been on the floor to 'get the germs off' and smell my son's ear wax when I pick it out. 




8. I got peed on facially by a friend's baby son while changing his nappy and some (ok, a lot) got in my mouth. I can sometimes still taste it.


9. I've school age children and I get a perverse pleasure out of squishing her nits, like a primate. 


10. Hello, I am a human hand towel. They wipe their dirty hands on my trousers and fake hug me so they can wipe their snot on my shoulder. I shouldn't be surprised, I use my own sleeve to wipe their noses and sometimes just my bare fingers.


At the end of the day, nothing says I love you like sticking a cotton bud up their bum to relieve constipation or swallowing food that has been in your toddler's mouth to get rid of it pronto. So, Rochelle, we salute you. The bum sniffers of the world understand that sometimes a mum's got to do what she's got to do, and if you didn't laugh about it, you would end up crying hysterically into that pee-stained pillow. 


What's the grossest thing you have ever done when it comes to your kids?