We all know stress is not good for us and, unfortunately, it is doing more to you than simply raising your blood pressure and making you feel agitated.


Here are ten ways it can mess with your body:


Can make you crave junk food

During times of stress, the hormone Cortisol is released which causes you to crave sugar and fat.


Can cause you to pile on the pounds

Again, the hormone Cortisol is to blame as it can increase the amount of fat tissue your body retains. It can also cause you to develop deep abdominal fat which is what gives you a belly.



Being stressed can cause hyperarousal which means you simply don’t feel sleepy come bedtime.


Headaches and migraines 

Stress can cause you to develop headaches as your adrenaline and increased Cortisol levels cause vascular changes either during or having feelings of stress.


Causes spots

Stress causes the sex hormone Androgen to flare up causing you to experience breakouts.


Hair loss

Yes, triggering an autoimmune condition called alopecia areata, severe stress can also cause you to lose your hair. But thankfully there is no evidence to suggest it will cause it to go grey. 


Raise blood sugar

Stress can cause your blood sugar levels to rise which will have a significant effect, especially if you already suffer from Type 2 diabetes.


Can affect IBS

While not solely down to stress, irritable bowel syndrome can be fuelled by severe bouts of it.


Increased blood pressure

Stress can temporarily constrict blood vessels which in turn raises your blood pressure and heart rate.


Messes with your libido

If you haven’t been in the mood for sex lately you can put it down to your stress levels as it effects your production of Oestrogen.