While it is not all plain sailing at all times and there will be a few moments when you think, 'What have I got myself in for?', being a mum is the most incredible gift that us women can be given. 


So, if you already have little ones driving you up the wall or are just about to give birth to your very first baby, you will either have first hand experience of the following 16 things or are in for a bit of a treat!


1. The unconditional love you receive


2. The unconditional love you give


3. The 6am morning hugs



4. The way your newborn’s entire hand wraps around just one of your fingers


5. The purpose they give your life


6. The way they tell you they love you in their adorable voice


7. The smiles you get when your day just really isn’t going your way


8. The fact that you get to watch your tiny newborn grow into a wonderful little person


9. The way they teach you just as much as you teach them



10. Listening to them laugh at the most random of things


11. When they give you a card that says ‘I love you’ just because it's Monday... 


12. Being given the chance to watch a brand new person work really hard to achieve things


13. The fact that no two days are the same



14. The entire experience of being a mum


15. The squeezy hugs you receive on a daily basis


16. The fact that even when you’re mad at them you can’t help noticing just how cute they look!


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