17 things you will only know if youre truly obsessed with baths

Some people are bath people and some people are shower people; it's just a fact of life that we've all come to accept at this stage.

And while most people don't tend to give either very much thought, die-hard 'bath people' can't help but harbour ill will towards anyone who fails to see the true merit in a long and leisurely soak.

Yes, showers are quick and convenient, but baths are one of the world's real happy places. And you either get that or you don't.

And if you do, the following 17 things will probably ring a bell or two.

1. You have spent hours daydreaming about the perfect bath.

Freestanding, claw feet, taps in the middle; you know what we're talking about.

2. While other people fantasise about bed after a long day, you picture your tub.

Just imagine that bad boy filling up.

3. You'd rather go without a microwave than a bath.

A home without a bath is a home without a heart.

4. Your favourite part of a hotel stay is always the tub.

And they rarely disappoint, to be fair.

5. A good soak requires a little preparation.

Unlike shower people, you respect the process, and can dedicate up to 90 minutes to ensuring it's a good one.

6. You'd rather spend money on bath bombs than Jaeger bombs.

And that's because they last longer than 12 seconds.

7. You've cleaned your entire bathroom from top to bottom just so you could enjoy a soak.

Only a true 'bath person' would understand that dedication.

8. You've spent cold hard cash on bath pillows and bath trays.

Even though you've always reverted to rolled up towels and the ledge of the bath in the end.

9. You have a playlist on your iPod devoted entirely to 'bath-time'

There's more Snow Patrol and Coldplay in there than you can shake a stick at.

10. You're either from a 'bath family' or you're not.

And you can't help look on 'shower families' with an air of suspicion.

11. You've lost many a book to a bath.

A collection of waterlogged books as thick as phonebooks is a sure sign you're a bath person.

12. You're fallen asleep in the bath more times than you can count.

And sometimes, if you're honest, you've actually gotten into nap.

13. You've encouraged your other half to share a bath with you.

And instantly regretted it because the bath is your personal space.

14. Sometimes you look up 'baths' on Pinterest and plan your perfect bathroom.

There's those middle taps again.

15. Getting out of the bath is worse than getting into a heavy exercise session.

So much effort... and no more bath.

16. A bath that is not to your exacting standards - temperature wise - is enough to ruin your day.

The actual treachery.

17. You honestly question the sanity of any person who says baths just aren't for them.

What kind of person wouldn't enjoy the best thing in life?