20 positive affirmations every mum should remind themselves of daily

Being a mum is one of the most incredibly rewarding experiences, but it also comes with its challenges. Not only do you have to look after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally, but you also have another human being to protect and care for. 

Mums often put the needs of their little ones ahead of their own just too much which can eventually lead to what's known as ‘burnout’. 

Burnout happens when we become too overwhelmed or stressed so now even the simplest of task can seem to weigh us down and become too much for us to handle. 

There are many ways to prevent burnout, but one that we love to do every morning because it doesn’t take up too much time and can be done from the comfort of our own home is saying positive affirmations to ourselves. 

Saying positive affirmations to yourself as you look in the mirror not only gives you a few minutes peace, but will also remind you to take a step back and remember you are doing the best you can for your child. 

Have a look at our positive affirmations below and practice saying them to yourself every morning. 

Today is a new start 

I am valued

I am enough for my child 

Today will be a good day for me and my family 

I believe in myself 

My children are loved 

I deserve ‘me-time’

I am a confident mum 

I am doing a great job

I am always learning as a mum 

I am doing everything I can for my children 

Being a mum is a blessing

I have created a safe environment for my children 

Being a mum can get difficult and that is okay 

My child and I are both learning together 

I have everything under control 

I am lucky to have my children 

I will embrace the ups and downs 

I am a strong woman and mum

I trust my maternal instincts