20 ways to make time for you & embrace self-care as a mum

As a mum, making the time to enjoy some self-care can seem near to impossible. Between the hustle and bustle of daily routines, school runs, cooking and telling bedtime stories, it’s easy to forget to make time for you, and you alone.

But, finding the right balance to juggle family life and your own personal self-care doesn’t have to seem like a chore.

Remember that it’s not selfish to enjoy self-care time on your own, it is a necessity to keep you feeling rejuvenated and at your best to support your family. 

To inspire you to make more ‘me-time’, we’re sharing 20 ideas of how you can enjoy some self-care in a number of different budget-friendly and not-so-budget-friendly ways. 


Have a bubble bath

Go for a walk while listening to your favourite podcast

Do a face mask

Bake your favourite sweet treat

Read in the library

Go window shopping & try on new clothes

Go for a coffee & cake on your own 

Start a mindfulness journal

Go to the cinema

Make a cocktail at home 

Catch up with a friend 

Bigger splurges 

Get a facial

Head to the hairdressers

Go for a three-course dinner by yourself  

Get a massage 

Go to a class eg. pottery, dance, painting, zumba

Get your nails done

Buy a new outfit 

Book a night away in a hotel

Buy yourself a gift you’ve been putting off eg. earrings, heels