Leading such busy lives, it is very easy to feel like screaming when everything starts to get on top of you.


However, before you try to pull out your hair (literally!), try the following 25 things and you'll feel A LOT better - and a lot less stressed -  in no time! 


1. Get a massage


2. Have a girls’ night out


3. Give someone a hug


4. Write down your troubles in a diary


5. Go for a run


6. Get outside and breathe in fresh air



7. Listen to relaxing music


8. Have a long hot soak in a bath


9. Talk about it


10. Hop on your bike and go for a cycle


11. Mediate


12. Count to ten SLOWLY



13. Colour in a colouring book


14. Play with the kids


15. Have a cup of tea


16. Turn off your phone


17. Spend five minutes collecting your thoughts without any distractions


18. Buy yourself a little treat



19. Eat chocolate slowly and by yourself


20. Get someone else to give you a helping hand


21. Write a list of things that you love about yourself


22. Do some yoga


23. Listen to your favourite songs


24. Turn off your TV and embrace the silence


25. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re AMAZING


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