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30 Comfort foods you can make in the microwave
You can create breakfast bowls, English muffins, flaky salmon, pumpkin mug cake, and all sorts of breakfast, dinner, and snack items using a microwave.
Many times we get extremely hungry but lack the energy to cook a proper meal after a long day at work. There are even times we might just feel lazy or the fact of clean up afterward is too bothersome.
An easy solution would be to cook some nice warm comfort foods with your microwave. You would be surprised to see how many amazing items you can whip up with your tiny microwave, here are some of the best ones-

Breakfast Ideas To Whip Up Using a Microwave

Your early morning meal is important and you can make plenty of breakfast dishes in your microwave, but for that, you will need the Best microwave convection ovens.
To bring variety to your morning diet, try out these dishes-


1. Strawberry breakfast bowl

If Plain Oatmeal is too boring for your taste buds but also wants something to meet your protein needs, then this bowl is a great solution.
You get your oats like you normally do and add applesauce, strawberry and some buckwheat enhanced with fiber. This not only boosts the taste of your oatmeal but also has a lot of health value.

2. Crispy bacon

You crave bacon but not the soggy ones with fat and grease in it. Well, just take the piece of bacon, put it in a bowl, set it in the saucer, and heat the bowl in the microwave.
You will see the fat melting from the meat and piling down at the bottom, and now you can enjoy the crispy bacon without the fat in it.

3. Vegetable quiché with cauliflower crust

Unlike the pastry crust, this uses cauliflowers that make it much more of a healthy choice for food, without compromising the taste.

4. Poached eggs

Everyone likes poached eggs, but the traditional method of creating a poached egg is very tiresome and hardly anyone wants to do it. But the microwaved method can be a very easy solution for that.
Just get a bowl that is microwave proof, add salt, egg and finally pour a little hot water. Turn on the microwave and after a few moments, you will have a mouth-watering topper for your breakfast.

5. Quinoa with cinnamon-maple

This protein-enriched high-fiber breakfast mixes quinoa with creamy cinnamon that tastes as delicious as a pancake.

6. Scrambled eggs

Cooking scrambled eggs is pretty easy, but doing it in a microwave gives even better results. Get some eggs, crack them into a bowl, scramble them, and then put them in the microwave.
Once it forms the texture you want, take it out, and Voilà! you have delicious scrambled eggs. If the texture isn't right, then stir the whole thing and put it back again until you get the desired result.
You can get very creative with these microwave dishes.

Quick Microwave Snacks Ideas


7. Sweet potato chips

Using a mandolin will give you thin potato chips that you can easily turn into chips by cooking them in a microwave. Add sea salt and rosemary to give them some additional taste and aesthetic value.

8. Crispy potato chips

So if you want the pure and crispy chips from normal potatoes then this recipe is for you. Crispy chips have very little oil in them and they are easy to prepare too. Slice the potatoes into suitable sizes and microwave them till it gets the perfect crispiness.

9. Warm toasted nuts

Toasted nuts lose the oil and release a very sweet fragrance. Although microwaving the nuts will not give the usual dark color you get by using an oven, the same crunchiness and taste that you get by using the traditional oven method will still be there.

10. Homemade popcorn

Grab a pack of corn and put them in the microwave to make delicious homemade popcorn. You do not need store-bought ones to enjoy tasty popcorn.

11. Mouthwatering pickles

Do you know how you had to wait for months to get the perfectly flavored pickles? Well, you can say goodbye to that because now, using a microwave, it only takes a few minutes to get the pickles ready.
Just mix the regular ingredients and microwave them for 8 minutes.

12. Delicious banana bread

Banana bread can be made even faster using a microwave. Pour all the ingredients into a mug, stir it a little, and microwave. After a few minutes, you have a delicious quick snack.

13. Frothed milk

Get a jar and pour some milk, add some cinnamon if you want, and put the jar in the microwave. That is how easy it is to prepare café quality cappuccinos.

14. Toasted coconut

Toasted coconut is a very popular dessert for finishing up your dinner. But did you know that making toasted coconut with a microwave will take only about 10 minutes? Use 30-second bursts till you get the perfect texture.

15. Easy English muffin

Want to add delicious muffins with your breakfast? Yeast-free English muffins are gluten-free and take about 1-2 minutes to make. They are an excellent choice for a healthy snack too.

Microwave recipes for lunch and dinner


16. Flaky salmon

The same flaky salmon you made with the oven can be done with the microwave, it’s easy to prepare, and it also tastes much better. The difference in taste is so good, you wish you would have used the microwaves sooner.
To make the food more healthy, it is better to use greek yogurt instead of sriracha mayonnaise.

17. Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob is pretty easy to make. There is no need for stripping or wrapping. Just leave the husk on and put it in the microwave.
After a few minutes, the corn will be cooked nicely and it will be very easy to peel off the husk. Just let it cool down before eating.

18. Broccoli with garlic & lemon

Steamed broccoli without a steamer is only possible with a microwave, and of course a microwave-safe bowl. As it takes a much shorter time to get cooked, the nutrition value also stays the same.

19. Everyone's favorite mac & cheese

This easy version of mac and cheese not only tastes good but is easy to make. Get a bowl of water, add macaroni and cheese. Add some black pepper for added flavor.
Put it in the microwave and have delicious food you can devour. No more messy cheese powder.

20. Meatloaf in a mug

Normal onion soup mix in meatloaf is pretty mediocre. Try some different seasoning mix or create some of your own, and this meal will immediately taste a thousand times better.
Adding some vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, or radish, will also increase the nutrition value besides making it taste better.

21. Chicken fajitas

Made by mixing onions, peppers, and chicken, this dish can be tasty and also a good source of vegetables. If you want to get even more creative, get some tortillas, and wrap the fajitas up to get a different taste. Cheese and yogurt will also be a great topping.

22. A quick vegetarian burrito bowl

So you have some items in your pantry and want to finish them. Making a vegetable burrito is the best method as it not only tastes good but can also be a source of quick dinner while saving both money and time.

23. Mushroom risotto

Mix wine, broth, cheese, and mushrooms, and microwave them for a few minutes, to create the delicious and authentic Italian Mushroom Risotto. Sauteed spinach and vegetables can also give extra nutrition.

24. Microwaved potato soup

Mix the normal potato soup ingredients and top it off with cheese and sour cream. You will get a much better potato soup than the one you get in a can. But try to use a larger mug, otherwise, the water might spill.

25. Light roasted garlic

Not technically roasted per say, but it gets steamed as the microwave does steam it. The taste might not be on par with roasted garlic, but it is pretty quick to make. Keep the microwave at 50% power otherwise it might get burnt, which would be unpleasant.

26. Eggplant curry

A dish made with eggplants tastes good, but roasting an eggplant can take a very long time and also takes a lot of oil to get roasted properly. On the other hand, a microwave can do it better, and faster, taking only 15 minutes. Mix some spices and cilantro to give it an actual curry vibe. Be sure to give your microwave a proper cleaning afterward.

27. Coffee-cup chilaquiles

This delicious delicacy is made from tortilla chips, salsa cheese, and egg. It is really easy to make, so if you are feeling lazy for the night, then this Mexican dish can be your saviour. If you want some protein value, add some leftover chicken or beef.

Microwave Ideas For Dessert


28. Microwave chocolate chip mug cake

This mouth-watering chocolate chip cake can be made only in 5 minutes and you can add gluten-free flour to make it healthy too.
As this is just a single-serve, the risk of overheating is very low. If you do not like chocolate chips, you can use different toppings.

29. Microwave oatmeal cookie dough cake

The secret ingredient for this mug cake is coconut flour. This quick recipe that takes only about 5 minutes is also gluten-free, making it healthy as well.

30. Pumpkin mug cake

This molten cake is made with pumpkin fiber and also has a sweet pumpkin taste. Using buckwheat flour will also increase the protein value.

Looking at all these recipes, you can have an idea of how easy it is to cook some quick meals with your microwave. If you are having a busy or tough day then pick any of these items and whip them up in your microwave for quick and easy comfort food.




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