Self care is self love: 30 journal prompts to help you take some time for you today

Journaling can be a really helpful and therapeutic way to relieve stress, feel gratitude and just generally clear out your head a little when things are becoming overwhelming. There's just something about getting your thoughts down on a page that can feel so cleansing for the soul and mind that many of us who started have found ourselves addicted to the practice!

Journaling can change how you see the world around you and is a great tool for active mindset change, helping us to feel more grateful more grounded or even just a little calmer. There's so much to be gained from it, there's no reason not to start! Check out some of our favourite journal prompts for when you need a little grounding or a little self love today.

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What are three things you’re thankful for today?

What was your favourite part of this week so far?

What are two things you’re really good at?

Give yourself eight positive affirmations to write down:

What is a worry you just can’t shake right now?

How have you changed from this time last year?

Name thee things you like about your personality:

What have you achieved in the last year that you are proud of and why?

When do you feel most confident?

What are three things your family or friends love about you?

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Five memories that make me smile are..?

Three things I can do to help my mental health this week are:

How would your best friend describe you?

What made you smile today?

Write about a time you were proud of yourself in the last year:

Write a list of 10 fun things you want to do in your lifetime (travel, skydiving, write a book etc)

If there’s a situation you’re worried about right now, try to write about the best case scenario rather than the worst.

Write about your greatest accomplishment:

What is something you do every day to look after yourself?

What are five things you love about your style?

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received?

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Write a letter to yourself from a few years ago talking about how things may or may not have worked out – and how you’re still standing and thriving regardless.

What’s your favourite childhood memory?

What makes you feel powerful?

List five ways you’ve put yourself first recently:

How do you feel right in this moment?

Write an apology letter to yourself:

What does your perfect day look like to you?

Write about a time that you helped someone:

Name a few things you’re loving about this period of your life

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