30 self-care ideas to cheer yourself up as we head into another month

The year is flying by and September is already here to stay! After a fleeting summer, it feels like it’s time to pack away our sunglasses and reach for our scarves already.

It can be quite an overwhelming time as the seasons change since we know we’re heading into colder weather and the end of the year is approaching, making us really reflect on what we have or haven't done over the past few months. 

Instead of feeling pressure and worry as another month passes us by, we’ve decided to head into September on a positive note- we are looking forward to Pumpkin Spiced Lattes after all!

To help make the transition into a new month and upcoming colder season easier, we’re sharing 30 self-care ideas, (one for every day of September) to help you feel relaxed and take the time to indulge in ‘you-time’.



Tea & cake

At-home cinema

Say positive affirmations in the mirror

Walk & listen to a new podcast

Skincare routine

Buy a new outfit

Organise your reading list

Write down all your worries

Practice breathing techniques

Reading marathon

Baking contest

Get your hair done

FaceTime a mate


Dance party

Create a vision board

Try a new recipe 

Give yourself a manicure

Buy yourself flowers

Facemask & candle

Write a letter to yourself

Learn to knit

Cook your favourite meal

At-home karaoke


Watch your favourite show with your favourite snacks

Try a new make-up look

Create a gratitude journal