35 alternative activities to enjoy rather than spending hours on your phone

We’re all guilty of spending too much time on our phones. Whether we’re watching our favourite YouTube stars, staring at TikTok until 1am or scrolling through Facebook and Instagram to see the latest gossip from someone you haven’t spoken to since secondary school- admit it, we’ve all been there!

If you’re starting to feel like your phone is taking over your life, we’ve created a list of self-care activities you can do that don’t involve looking at a screen.

Check them out below and enjoy time away from your phone and social media. 

1. Read the book you've been putting off

2. Meal prep

3. Give yourself a manicure

4. Organise your skincare & make-up

5. Try on your entire wardrobe & donate unwanted clothes to charity

6. Write a poem or song

7. Practise a new make-up look

8. Write a summer bucket list 

9. Try yoga

10. Walk in your neighbourhood

11. Paint a picture for your home

12. Redecorate your room

13. Make a vision board

14. Do a wordsearch or Sudoku

15. Go window shopping

16. Head to the gym

17. Bake something tasty 

18. Change your bedsheets

19. Have a relaxing candle lit bath (and get right into your clean bed after for the ultimate feeling of luxury!)

20. Clean your fridge 

21. Dance to your favourite song

22. Sit in your local park and people watch

23. Meditate

24. Try a new hairstyle

25. Write a letter to your future self

26. Browse your library

27. Put on a facemask

28. Do some squats

29. Go to a café or restaurant (and don’t scroll on your phone while you wait for your food)

30. Water your plants

31. Tidy your desk

32. Colour in a mindfulness colouring book

33. Do a puzzle

34. Cook a new recipe

35. Write a weekly to do list or shopping list