Anxiety is a mental health illness that many suffer from in silence despite its ability to consume one's life.


And while advice from your doctor is important to ensure each and every individual case is dealt with appropriately, the following four tips can help you manage your feelings in the meantime. 


1. Limit your coffee consumption

Caffeine can actually aggravate anxiety so try to reduce how much of it you consume. If you are in need of a energy boost stick to a healthy diet and drink water which can help get you over the 3pm slump.


2. Put things in perspective

When you start to feel like things are getting on top of you, you should try to put things into perspective. Worrying about things that are completely out of your control is common in those who experience anxiety; it is important to try to look at problems or fear with a clear head and acknowledge how little you can do to change things.


3. Talk about your fears

Be open and honest with close family and friends about your feelings. Sometimes, simply voicing your concerns out loud can help you look at it in a different light and make you feel better. If you don't feel ready to confide in others, try writing down how you feel. As well as helping you get it off your chest, your journal can become a good point of reference when discussing your health with your GP. 


4. Try yoga

To truly unwind and release any tension that may be clouding your mind or judgement, try yoga. Not only will this help you to physically relax it will also send positive thoughts to your mind.  


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