While there are a certain number of things that can make your day bad, you have the power to turn things around.


It doesn’t take much to brighten up your Monday or even Wednesday, and with a little bit of thought and effort you can do it no problem.


Here are five quick and easy ways to improve your day:


1. Clear your desk

If you can, set aside two minutes of your day and clear any paper, cups and rubbish that are sitting on your table. You’ll feel so much better.


2. Give someone a hug

Or get a hug – you’ll instantly feel rejuvenated.



3. Cross off your to-do list                                                    

Write a list of things that you have to do that day and then cross them off as you do them. The relief that you feel as you knock something off is instant!


4. Go for a run

If you’re feeling really stressed or frustrated just go for a run. Whether you are a regular pavement-pounder or not your day will feel so much better even after a ten minute workout.


5. Make a feel-good list

It seems like we are forever making lists - lists for school, lists for work, lists for home - that they can start to lose their appeal! But there’s nothing stopping you from writing a feel-good one; write down at least five positive things about your day/ week/ month and have a look over it when you’re feeling a little down.