I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant, and as much as it pains me to admit this, I am done!


Don't get me wrong, I've had a problem free pregnancy, some aches and pains along the way (sciatica anyone?!) but nothing too dramatic thank goodness.  And even with the added admin of running around after a 2-year-old, I've survived!  But now with 2 weeks to go, I am done.


I know, I know, there is someone that will read this and say I should stop moaning and appreciate this magical time, I’ll miss it once it’s over and I’m sure there are many that would appreciate every second right up to and including the birth, but alas, here I am!  DONE.


But it goes so quickly, I hear you cry... THIS IS A LIE!  I feel like I’ve been pregnant for approximately 3 years! And in addition to that, the once wonderful ‘glow’ is now just a fine layer of sweat from constantly overheating or if I dare move anywhere faster than a snail's pace.


Those wonderful little kicks and subtle jabs are now full-blown rugby tackles to my innards, winding me or making me need to wee instantly depending on whether it’s from the top or bottom. Trust me neither of those are magical. Neither.



In addition to the ones mentioned, below are a few more of the late third trimester symptoms that are currently kicking my arse:



1. Belly Size


The oversized basketball tummy I am currently sporting means any kind of bending is basically impossible! Any shoes that require tying, buckling, zipping or anything over and above slipping on, are pushed to the back of the shoe cupboard! And don’t get me started on putting on socks.


If anything is dropped on the floor, a serious debate is had about whether it actually requires being picked up or if it can in fact now just live there.




2. Zzzzzzs



The lack of sleep.  An obvious one, but getting comfortable is damn near impossible given the oversized tummy situation, but if you’re lucky enough to actually get comfortable, the need to pee will often interrupt this. If not that, then your head often decides that despite being on the brink of sleep not 2 minutes ago, now that you’re comfortable, sleep is just not on the cards for you for at least the next hour or so, experts will call this pregnancy insomnia or your body's way of preparing you for parenthood... I choose to wrap it up under the more general term of 'things you have to deal with in pregnancy.'



3. Eyes bigger than your belly


That feeling of being full when you were fainting from hunger just 2 minutes ago. This one really hurts. I love my food and was very much under the impression that with pregnancy came a free pass of eating what you want (mostly) and getting first dibs on seconds.  But this close to the end, your stomach is smushed up so damn small, that there’s no room for decent sized portions, so after 5 mouthfuls you're stuffed.  Heartbreaking.



4. That wee fear


Coughing, sneezing or laughing a little too hard and the panic that follows!  Did I?  Didn’t I?  Then, reminding yourself that you must do your pelvic floor exercises more regularly to prevent such panic.  Enough said.



5. Lung Capacity


I was talking on the phone the other day whilst walking through town and after a few minutes was asked if I was running... Ummm nope, unfortunately, this is just how I sound now that my lungs are sharing their home with a growing space invader! If I have to carry anything up more than a few stairs, I’m recovering for the next 5 minutes as if I’ve just run a half marathon.


So whilst I have enjoyed my journey so far, I am now extending a warm personal invite for baby to make an appearance. Roll on the next two weeks. 



Anyone else struggling? I'd love to know how you are feeling. 


Part time working mummy of one (soon to be two)! Glass half full kinda gal (mostly) with a love of sarcasm and writing.

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