Being a first-time mum can be really daunting and overwhelming, especially when your baby is unwell.


While most illnesses are nothing serious, that won’t stop you worrying and wondering what you should do.


If you are unsure, the following five tips will help you:


1. Trust your gut

If you think there could be an underlying issue or something a little more sinister going on, never wait for further symptoms to show up – always go with your gut. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


2. Check for a fever

A fever can indicate an ear infection, cold, or other illness and you should try to lower it with pain reliever.  Wiping them down with a facecloth soaked in tepid water can help to lower their body temperature by a degree or two. However, if their temperature goes above 38°C for babies under three months or 39°C for those under one, you should seek medical attention.



3. Make sure they are drinking plenty of fluids

Whether your baby is suffering from a cold, flu or stomach bug, it is important you ensure they are getting enough fluids to reduce the risk of dehydration. Unless you have been advised otherwise, whether you are breast or bottle-feeding, you should feed your baby as normal even opting for short but frequent drinks to keep them hydrated.


4. Don’t pressure them to eat

If your baby is being weaned, don’t pressure them to eat food if they can’t face it. Once they are getting enough fluids you shouldn’t be overly worried about their food intake. However, if they refuse to eat for a prolong period, do take them to your GP who may prescribe something to ensure they are getting their recommended daily vitamins and minerals.


5. Make sure they get plenty of sleep

Sleeping is the best way to help a body recover from an illness so make sure your little one is given plenty of opportunity to rest and relax. Don’t be surprised if they are sleeping a lot more than normal – that’s just their body trying to heal itself.