Time for an upgrade? 5 bathroom transformations to inspire your DIY side

Sometimes we just need a change. Especially nowadays, when life seems so busy at the moment, we look around ourselves and just find things a little stale. Our wardrobes, our haircuts, even our homes. The first two are fairly easy to switch up and make a change with, but our homes can be a little trickier.

In spaces like the bathroom in particular, it can feel hard to make any significant changes without stripping the whole place. But these DIY-ers have proven that small, simple changes – that won’t break the bank – can really transform our space! Have look through some of the before and after pictures below to get inspired to switch up your space!

Simply Made Pretty

Melanie’s idea to paint and stencil her tiles is a little more work than some of the other ideas, but it has such an amazing effect on the space, that we couldn’t help but share it. A crafting queen, she’s all about home projects to spruce up her space. Stencilling is a great way to add pattern to your room, drawing the eye and creating a point of interest. Find stencil patterns online or even make your own one, but just be sure that the pattern all lines up to create a seamless effect. 

M. Lang. Creations

Maggie Langford’s artwork is simply stunning and great inspiration for brightening up your space. She specialises in these abstract paintings that bring art out of the frame and integrate it into your home. Your bathroom can be a great place to get adventurous with something like this, or even a more simplistic version like colour-blocking if you don’t feel confident enough with a brush to attempt something like this. She takes her deep red bathroom from dark and dull to bright and interesting with a few choice colours and lighting changes, showing how a little work can make a huge difference.

The Creative Mom

Natalie’s page is dedicated to making the most of her home and updating it herself. This bathroom transformation uses just a few key steps to change the space from drab to fab, using panelling and paint to give it a major upgrade.

She switches up the countertop in this video, swapping it out for a light and bright IKEA countertop that instantly brightens the entire room and matches the added panelling to it to bring in more light to the area. Then a few simple additions of plants and natural wood and fabrics make the space so inviting and airy that you wouldn’t think it was the same bathroom!

Kayley Miller Home

Kayley’s bathroom goes from cold to cosy with this amazing $250 transformation! A grout refresh makes a huge difference, giving everything a shiny clean gleam, rather than a dank dull grey, while switching up the hardware gives the cabinet a funky vintage feel. The addition of the mirror keeps the space modern and again, the little bit of wooden panelling really makes the space feel well-thought out and cared for. The small things make a huge difference, as we see with the framed artwork and luxurious looking shower curtain adding a hint of class and luxury to the space. This is definitely one of our favourite transformations.