When it comes to getting a family dog, many mums and dads head straight to a breeder for their new family addition. However, with so many dogs abandoned or found lost on a daily basis, rescue centres are full to capacity.


With this in mind, before you head off on your dog-buying adventure, why consider adopting one from an animal charity – you’ll change the life of one dog drastically.


1. You will be saving a life

If a dog can’t be re-homed within a certain timeframe, some shelters will euthanise them.


2. It’s a lot cheaper

Adopting a dog from a centre is a lot cheaper than going out and buying one from a breeder, you usually just have to pay a contribution.


3. They are all vetted

Your dog will usually be given all its shots and vaccinations before being handed over to you.



4. You can get one of any age

If you don’t fancy toilet training your dog why not go for a much older one who has already gone through all that.


5. They may already be trained

Choosing an older dog means they are likely to already be house trained so you can skip the puppy-training stage if you like.


6. Teaches your child compassion

Heading to a dog shelter with your child can help to open their eyes to the plight of homeless animals.