Well, it’s officially over. The tree is down. Decorations are packed away in the attic and the bank balances are a lot lighter. January can be a lean and emotional month for many. Here are some ideas to help lighten the load:


1. Budget


Work out how long you have to the next payday and budget accordingly. If you only allow yourself to spend what is in your purse, you will be a lot less likely to buy on impulse. Work out your priority items for January and what you can defer to next month.


2. Plan meal times


If you can batch cook and freeze then great. It means you are less likely to suffer from mid-week temptation to order a takeaway. It also gives you a night off from cooking – no that’s what I call a win-win situation! January is also a really good time to start eating more healthily after the Christmas binge. I’m sure it’s not only me whose jeans seem to have shrunk over the Christmas!


3. Meet a friend for coffee


Sometimes, January can be overwhelming for many different reasons. Plan to meet up with a friend, it gives you something to look forward to and a problem shared is halved.


4. Be kind to yourself


Do something just for you this month. Maybe it’s a film that you wanted to watch or a long walk on your own. Don’t forget the importance of prioritising your own happiness.


5. Write it down!


If you got a lovely new diary or new stationary for Christmas now is the time to use it. Don’t save it for best. Write down things that you are grateful for and use the diary to record important events. The mere act of writing can help us see clarity when things may seem too much.


Hope these tips help you during January. Please feel free to add your own tips to help beat the January blues in the comments below.