Not everyone is born with a bubbly, bursting personality, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel like a shrinking violet for the rest of your life. In fact, many people who appear overly confident are faking the majority of it, and you can too!


While there is nothing wrong with not wanting to be the focus of everyone’s attention, confidence can come in handy when meeting new people or even going for a job interview.


If you aren't naturally oozing self-confidence, the following will help you fake it until you make it!


1. Wear flattering clothes

Your clothes aren’t there for you to hide behind so work them to your advantage. Choosing an outfit that fits correctly and makes your feel like you own it rather than it owning you.


2. Laugh

Meeting new people can be a little daunting for some but by engaging in their conversation or laughing with them can help you feel more at ease. In fact, laughing releases endorphins that will rid you of any tension.


3. Don’t gossip

If you don’t gossip then you won’t be paranoid that others are gossiping about you. While you might feel like you fit in better if you join in, walking away will actually make you appear stronger.


4. Smile and nod

If you have nothing to contribute to a conversation or you are not yet ready to join in simply smile and nod at what others are saying. At least this way you will be involved yet still feel comfortable.


5. Stand up straight

One of the most effective ways to come across as confident is to stand up tall. It’s a non verbal way of telling the world that you are capable and ready to take whatever life throws at you. So the next time you enter a room roll back your shoulders, stick out your chest, and hold your head up high.