Most of us crave a happy life, yet there are so many women who go through each and every day feeling less than satisfied with how things have turned out.


Sadly, once you start to feel unhappy with your life it can be hard to find the positive in anything or even the motivation to get yourself out of your rut.


These five tips will help you lead a happy life:



It is important you take care of your body on a daily basis; remember, a healthy body equals a happy mind. Go for a run, a swim, a cycle  or other form of exercise that you love as often as you can – working out can instantly improve your mood.


Talk to people

Our relationships with other people is so important to ensuring a happy life. A close network of family and friends means you are surrounded by love, support and fulfillment which ensures you  feel good about yourself.


Challenge your brain

Keep your brain active and healthy by taking up a course, doing quizzes or even wordsearches in the paper. This can help you stay engaged and stimulate your creative side.


Have something to look forward to

Whether it’s a nice dinner at the end of a long day, a family outing, a holiday or even some ‘me-time’, it is important you give yourself something to look forward to give you a sense of direction.


Notice things that are around it

Make sure you take the time to have a look around at your surrounding environment and take it all in. It’s amazing how much we can miss when our necks are bent over a phone or our mind is distracted by other things. Take notice and you might be surprised by what is going on.