Negative thinking can be an extreme weight on our shoulders bringing us down and making us feel bad and stressed out. And while it is easy to tell you to think more positively, we are well aware that it is easier said than done.  


However if you do want to change your ways, take note of the following ways you can be more positive.


1. Recognise that they are negative

Before you let your mind get carried away, take a deep breath and tell yourself that they are negative thoughts. This will help to create a lot more awareness about the task at hand and put it into perspective.


2. Tell yourself to stop thinking negatively

As soon as you realise that you are thinking negatively point it out to yourself and try to change your stream of thought. Whether it’s feeling disappointed that it’s raining outside or how you react to an event, putting a positive spin on things will make you feel a lot better.



3. Contain the negative to one place and time

How many times have you said: “Nothing ever goes right” to yourself after an exam or job interview? Instead of turning a negative into the worst thing in the world put it in perspective and find something that did go right.


4. Don’t automatically assume negativity

Avoid automatically assuming negativity for things that aren’t going right. If someone doesn’t text you back straight away, instead of thinking they don’t like you change your thinking to be more positive, like they have no battery or they simply haven’t read it yet.


5. Stop visualising the worst scenario

The imagination is a great thing, until it starts to make you view things in a more negative way that is. Instead of visualising the worst outcome or creating negative hypothetical scenarios, train your mind to think more positively.