5 wonderful outdoor activities you can take on with your newborn

Having children is one of the most beautiful life experiences we can be blessed with. The ups and downs of parenting don’t compare to any other adventure out there. You get to cultivate and shape a young bud into a gorgeous flower who will take on the world by storm.

It’s important to cherish every moment you have with your baby, as they grow up way too fast. Even when you’ve got a newborn, there are places to be and things to show them. Introduce your little one to the world and let them marvel at it's beauty.

1. The carnival

If you’re looking for a way to keep your baby occupied for hours while still having some fun yourself, the carnival is the place to be. It’s filled with adult activities as well as innumerable opportunities for your baby to see and witness something new. If your baby is really small, it might be best to take it easy the first time you go so they’re not overwhelmed by all the noise and colour. Bring a friend to be able to fully enjoy everything the carnival offers.

First, you can just take a walk through the whole thing and let your baby familiarise itself with the new environment. Then, it’s time to play some games! Toss a few rings and win your child a brand new stuffed animal. This way they can use the sense of touch which will surely enhance their experience at the fair. There are also plenty of kid-friendly rides you can go to together, allowing your baby to explore the world further.

2. Go to the train or bus station

Even though it may sound unconventional, going to the train or bus station can prove to be an outing of a lifetime for your baby. These machines are huge in their eyes, and they move all on their own. Talk to your baby about what they’re seeing, and imagine all the places the people might be going.

Just sitting on a bench and watching the buses and trains go by will make your baby’s day. There are so many new colors, new smells, and new sounds at the station! The choo-choo of the train or the drum of the bus are bound to leave your little one in awe. You can also walk around and see things up close.

3. Your garden

You don’t have to go farther than your garden if you don’t feel comfortable yet. Introducing your kid to the world gradually is also a valid option. Your garden can be a source of endless fun and various activities if you’re creative enough.

Lay down a blanket and put down some toys your baby likes to play with. Next, sit beside them and start showing them around. Let them feel the grass or pluck a flower and give it to them. They’re bound to get all giggly when they see you blow a dandelion and make a wish, too.

You can also try blowing bubbles with them. Even though this is a simple activity for us, it’s pure magic to your baby. If you show them and help them poke the bubbles, you’ll be rewarded with a stream of uncontrollable giggles, letting you know they’re really enjoying spending time with you.

4. Go to the park

The park is a wonderful and thriving environment your little one is bound to love. Even though it may seem average to you, the shapes and colours will be mesmerising to your baby. Babies take in the world through their eyes when they’re that small, so put them in a comfortable baby stroller and let them enjoy the show. Show them the trees and the flowers, the pond, and the animals.

You might not think they’re interacting with what they see, but what’s going on in their heads is a whole other story.

The most interesting thing you could show your kid at the park is other people, and more importantly, other children. Show them how people run, hang out, and show them how children play. Sitting at the edge of the playground will allow your baby to see all the colours and shapes in the world, as well as all the human interaction possible. Be prepared for a long nap on your way home.

5. Visit the pool

This is the perfect place for your baby to experience the world firsthand. Sure, they’ll enjoy looking around and taking in the sights, but they’ll get to interact with the water, too.

A gentle splash on the feet, dipping them in slightly, or sitting with them in the kiddy pool will brighten their whole world. Talk about what they can feel and show them how much fun water can be. If the baby senses your excitement and happiness, they’re bound to mimic the emotion even after being scared at first.

As you can see, there are many places you can go to with your little one. Just because you’ve got a newborn, it doesn’t mean your world should be limited to your house. It’s much healthier for the baby to build its immune system in outside circumstances, too. Most importantly, though, you’ll make so many new memories you’ll always get to keep, even when they’re a sullen teenager or a busy adult.


I am a freelance writer with a ten-year long career in journalism. I wrote extensively about health, fitness, and lifestyle. A native to Melbourn, I now reside in Sidney with my 3 dogs where I spend my days writing and taking care of my 900 square feet garden.