6 of the best ways to gently relieve your baby’s teething pain

While teething is a completely normal process, it’s tough for us parents to see our little ones in any kind of pain or discomfort.

It’s true that some children can get through teething quite easily, but for others it can be more severe, with the likes of drooling, fussiness, swollen sensitive gums, sleep disturbances and even fever.

Here are six ways you can help gently relieve your child’s teething symptoms:

1. Massage their gums

Lightly massaging your baby’s gums with a clean finger or a moistened gauze pad can help soothe some of their discomfort. Using the pad of your finger, gently rub back and forth in a circular motion all along the gums, both inside and outside the mouth.

2. Give them something to chew on

Teething babies like to bite and chew, so a cool, sterilised teething ring or some chilled, moistened cloth can help soothe them and distract them from their pain.


3. Offer them cold foods

If your baby is old enough, offer them cold (not frozen) foods to help soothe those frazzled gums. Good options are chilled yoghurt and chilled baby food, and for bigger kids, chilled bananas.  

4. Or chewable foods

Yep, as we said, they sure love to chew, so offer them a sugar-free teething biscuit or unsweetened rusk to nibble on. Just be sure to keep an eye on them as they chew, as biting off chunks could cause your baby to choke.  


5. Give them infant medicine

Age-appropriate medicine, like liquid paracetamol designed for babies, can help relieve teething pain and lower teething-related fever. Just be sure to read the instruction leaflet and ingredients carefully before giving it to your child. If you’re unsure, call your doctor for advice.

6. Prevent teething Rashes

If teething is making your baby dribble more than usual, gently wiping their face may help to prevent a rash.

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