Life is made up of many 'big' moments, but always associating these with total happiness in life isn't always realistic and can put you under pressure to 'tick' them off a list. Happiness should be about appreciating the little things in life; the simple, everyday things that bring a smile to your face. It means allowing yourself to be excited and joyful about the ordinary. And it's often the unexpected small things that provide you with an instant boost. If you're in need of a pick-me-up, these seven things should do it every time.


Saying something nice


It's well-known that being kind to others causes a significant improvement in your wellbeing 


Drinking the perfect cup of tea


Is there anything sweeter than drinking that PERFECT cuppa after a long, hard day at the office? That first sip (and obligatory dunking of the biscuit) is always especially blissful.



Accomplishing a small goal


Just like winning a presentation at work or even getting a 'dream' job can lift your spirits, achieving small goals gives you an instant boost. Find something you have been working on that is near completion and finish it. Even the act of crossing something off your to-do list gives you a shot of instant good feeling.


Doing less


So many people think, If I do more, then I'll be happier, but it doesn't work that way. In reality, there's too much we could be doing. We need to do more nothing—just take time to be. So, if you're 'nothing' means taking a nap during the day or watching mindless TV in your pyjamas - do it. You'll feel refreshed, relaxed and happier too.  



Booking your next holiday


The only thing better than doing something fun is planning something fun to look forward to. No matter how many bad days you might have at work, your holiday will still be waiting for you at the end of it all. Seeing the confirmation email come through provides an instant joyful hit.


Listening to your favourite song


Blast your speakers with something fast-paced, optimistic, or the song you can't get enough of. Music is a stimulant and can get those endorphins kicking instantly; the right song can suck the negativity right out of you.



Smiling more


Yes, really. It sounds cheesy but smiling isn’t just the result of a positive mood, the facial expression itself can enhance your good vibes. Research has linked the simple act of smiling to feeling happier and less anxious.

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