There is wisdom in experience -  which is why I never take for granted the things my mother tells me. 


In saying that, I do have to filter a LOT of her advice when I hear things like 'that baby will catch a cold' when it is 25 degrees outside, but for the most part, I treasure the things she has to say. 


We spoke to some of our mums about the things that their mums have told them that really stick with them, and these shared moments of guidance are truly precious. 



1.  This too shall pass


"In the moment it seems like everything is against you - the baby won't sleep, you haven't a clue what you are doing and how can you possibly afford childcare? But this piece of sage advice got me through some hard times. I'd just repeat it like a mantra and eventually, she was right - it did pass. I use this now to help others when they are in the thick of it and hopefully it will make problems seem temporary."


2.  You are not the same person - and that's ok


"We worry so much about how we have moved away from 'ourselves', but everybody changes, and I think it took my mum telling me that it was ok to embrace this new person I had become to help me make peace with it.


How can we possibly expect to be the same after such huge changes in our lives. We have just brought an entire human into the world. Of course, we celebrate who we are but it is ok to miss the carefree person without responsibilities we were. Eventually, you will reach a balance between being 'you' again and coming to terms with the new elements to your personality that have risen to the surface."


3. Give those close to you your full attention


"My mum once told me that in such a busy world, the most important currency is time. I take that with me whenever I can because I believe it is true. We are constantly pulled from pillar to post and sometimes it is important to give our family (and friends) our undivided attention. It is surprisingly cathartic - even if you have a never-ending 'to-do' list."


4.  Follow your heart


"You only have one life, and I remember my mother's words, which often ring in my ears now. She told me to remember that it’s better to remember something and say “I can’t believe I did it!” rather than “I wish I did it…” This is now my mantra as my family get older."


5. Sometimes you grow out of people


"I had a particularly bad friendship 'break-up' and my mum gave me great comfort by reminding me that sometimes you grow out of people, and just because you were friends as children doesn't mean you will continue to have everything in common - and that is a key part of friendship. People grow apart and that is ok."



6. Always be yourself


"As a teenager, I wanted to be everybody but myself. Now I understand why it is so essential to 'own it' when it comes to your own beliefs and dreams. I used to try and act 'cooler' as I was a bit of a nerd, but I realised that the right people will like you for seeing your true colours. My husband loves that I am a bit of a geek, and my friends tease me fondly for being a book worm. It doesn't make me feel bad anymore - just unique. Thanks, mum!"


7. I will always be here for you


"If I am having a bad day or need some advice - my mother-in-law is always there for me. She is ready to drop everything to help out. I know not everyone is as lucky, but it is invaluable knowing you have someone who's got your back. I know that even when she isn't here anymore I will still remember her words or recall her advice.


It is lovely to know that when somebody says "I will ALWAYS be here for you" that they mean it. That is a beautiful thing. 


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