Being a mum is a 24-hour a day job, so while we can never take a break from being parents, nor would we want to, we still need a bit of chill out ‘us’ time.
We love you more than anything, but it’s simple really kids. If mummy doesn’t have a break, mummy will crawl into the hotpress and have a meltdown.
So with that in mind, here are seven reasons why it’s necessary for our sanity to take a bit of time out and take a break.
As if you needed convincing…
1. Because we’re on call – ALWAYS
Our ears are pricked for disaster 24-hours a day, like the sound of a box of cereal being strewn all over the floor or a masterpiece being crayoned all over our newly painted (eggshell) walls.
2. Because we want a break from feeding people
Dinners, breakfasts, brunches, big lunch, small lunch, baby lunch, morning snack, midday snack, bedtime snack, picnics, suppers – you name it, we’re making it.
3. Because we need some alone time
While we’re not asking for a week-long trip to Fiji (although we wouldn’t say no) – we do want some quality time to ourselves, even if it's a cup of tea without an interruption.
4. Because it’s important to prioritise ourselves
Sometimes we feel like we’re pulled every which way, and that can exhaust us. So when that happens, we need to take a step away. As mums, we’re always looking after other people, and in doing so we often neglect to look after ourselves.
5. Because motherhood is stressful

We need a spot of pampering every now and then, to help chill us out and recharge our batteries. And because Electric Ireland knows just how hard mums in Ireland work, they want to give all Electric Ireland customers 15 per cent off their next booking with as part of Electric Ireland Rewards. We’re talking pampering spa breaks and chilled weekends away in a gorgeous array of Irish four and five star hotels, starting from €89pp for two nights. Yes, please.
6. Because we’re still ‘us’
And we need a reminder of that once in a while – whether it’s a trip to get our nails done or a spot of lunch with the girls.
7. Because it makes us feel amazing
When we take some time to ourselves to chill, we return happier, healthier and more relaxed. Which helps us cope much better with the daily stresses of being a mum.
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